The Genius From Breslau

ORIGINAL TITLE: Geniet från Breslau

AUTHOR: Lena Einhorn

ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: Natur & Kultur, 521 pages

He dreamed of becoming the greatest scientist in the world. She hoped that the rapid developments of the era would make it possible also for a woman to achieve long-awaited success.

After all, they lived in the most promising of ages, in the most successful of nations.

Everything would have been perfect. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the most promising of ages and the most successful of nations was a bomb waiting to explode.

It is the new glorious empire of Germany. Who could imagine that a world war is just around the corner?

The historical novel The Genius from Breslau is the story about the dramatic love affair between the two chemists Fritz Haber and Clara Immerwahr, and the turbulent times in which they lived.



“The author elegantly handles the documentary material without transforming the story into a fictionalized history lesson”

Svenska Dagbladet

“To write vivid documentary novels is a difficult task. Lena Einhorn truly succeeds in The Genius from Breslau. It is a captivating novel; Lena Einhorn is minutely knowledgeable and allows the reader to follow the protagonists’ innermost emotions, hopes, and endeavors along their path to scholarship and exciting new acquaintances, while simultaneously illustrating and illuminating the historical setting in Breslau – it is nothing short of a feat”

Dagens Nyheter

“Lena Einhorn’s latest book, The Genius from Breslau, is a multilayered story that can be read from different perspectives; the story is upsetting, melancholic, feminist, historical – simply monumental”



“Einhorn’s novel is a grand documentary novel, told through a fictional narrative. Her sense of drama and pacing is well-known from her previous books, and the more than 500 pages are incessantly engaging”


”A masterful historical novel. Lena Einhorn writes so evocatively, the prose is expressive without becoming flowery, empathetic without becoming sappy, and the story is so brilliantly composed that it makes me, who cannot stand chemistry and physics, read and read until late into the night. Furthermore, The Genius from Breslau is not only captivating. It also poses important existential questions, yet without being explicit. That too, is an achievement”

Kulturnytt, Sveriges Radio