The Night that Preceded this Day

ORIGINAL TITLE: Natten som föregick denna dag

AUTHOR: Johanne Lykke Holm


GENRE: Fiction

A child turns thirteen and starts keeping a journal. She has a mother, a sister, and a horse called Elektra. A mother who has handled weapons and has a bison leather jacket hanging in the hallway. A sister who noisily eats pears and reads her sister’s journal. A horse with eyes like comets.

A child that writes about finding peace in a horse’s stall. About falling asleep in cotton wool and having a beautiful sister. About being a marble statue among gymnasts. About the weight of long hair and the terrible fact of being a child.

The Night That Preceded This Day is an evocative and poetic short novel about being a child and becoming a young woman. It is about loneliness, sisterhood, and the absence of the latter.



Siri Lindgren
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"Lykke Holm’s novels demonstrates the victory of language over story, the triumph of image over explanation, the halo of poetry over prose. Everyone knows a tall tale, many can relate a story, but few can create as flawless images as this. The novel is, simply put, luminously beautiful literature.”
-Svenska Dagbladet 

"…evokes the sense of wandering through an endless park of literature, of echoes and cries. […] The Night That Preceded This Day is about – and concerns – generations of women, living and dead "
-Dagens Nyheter 

“What a debut! So self-evident, so worthy"
-Borås tidningar

“it has a stirring intensity.”

“The Night That Preceded This Day by Johanne Lykke Holm is as piercing as it is insistent in its linguistic accuracy and skillfully conveyed story – cruel, raw, painful and evocative – about the agonizing period between childhood and adulthood.”
-Gefle Dagblad