The Night



AUTHOR: Sara Gordan

ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: Albert Bonniers Förlag

GENRE: Current Books, Fiction

A daughter is missing, a mother is searching. Walking the same streets up and down, back and forth, dialing numbers, digging deep in her mind for names of friends that might know something, anything. A night that doesn’t seems to end, a dawn that never comes. What happens when the child becomes a teenager and no longer accepts the mother’s cares? What is a parent without the parenting?

Life with an illness: when the cutesy “sugar disease” turns into “diabetes” – and a chronic devil weighing on one’s shoulder. The caretaker that becomes the enemy, a gate keeper trying to protect but in the eyes of the teenager takes the shape of a prison guard.

The Night is a complicated love story between mother and daughter, a brushy road between Stockholm and Paris, and finally a reunion on the beaches of Barcelona. 

Sara Gordan’s first novel in nine years is written in gleaming prose leaving the reader shuddering in tears. It is a naked and honest depiction of motherhood, and the curse of never giving up on your children. It is a book for everyone that is, or for that matter has, a parent. 

Publication date: March 25th, 2022.