The Raven Goddess

ORIGINAL TITLE: Korpgudinnan

AUTHOR: Elisabeth Östnäs


GENRE: Children

Turid and Frode are reunited and after they are married they continue their journey. They travel across the sea to the Irish realm. There the invading Vikings are involved in battles with the Celts, as their two religions collide.

For a while it seems that Turid may have found tranquillity in an Irish convent but, although grateful for the shelter they were offered, presently both she and Frode find it hard to accept the hierarchy which prevails there.

However, Turid refuses to give up her hopes of finding a peaceful place where they can settle down and raise a family. There are more adventures to come as they once more embark on a journey, their longest ever…

This is the third book in the trilogy “The Saga of Turid”.


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