The sky over Everest

ORIGINAL TITLE: Himmel över Everest

AUTHOR: David Lagercrantz

ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: Albert Bonniers förlag

A group from the Villari fashion house are at Everest Base Camp. All of them are novice climbers.

Giuseppe Cagliari, the group’s guide, is acknowledged to be a skilled mountaineer, but he is under mounting pressure and the tensions in his expedition are growing. In the thin mountain air, the guide’s powers of judgment desert him and he leads the climbers to the peak too late. On their descent, the weather closes in and the expedition gets stuck in a brutal storm. As darkness descends on Everest, there is a glimmer of hope that the brilliant climber Jacob Engler will rescue the stranded group. But Jacob is pessimistic, angry and possibly ill. He refuses to help the amateurs on the mountain.

As the crisis intensifies, more old wounds are reopened and madness and hallucinations emerge in the grim atmosphere up in the death zone. The result was The Sky Over Everest, a magnificent depiction of yearning, folly and pain on the highest mountain peak in the world.



“David Lagercranz is a skilled writer, equally gifted in creating well-plotted crime stories as well as literary works of genius, always surprising us with the intensity of his language with his sharp psychological insight… Sky Over Everest is a great depiction of the grandiosity of nature  and human passions.”

– Francesca Varotto, Editor Marsilio Editori