The Thirteen-Month Year

ORIGINAL TITLE: Året med 13 månader


AUTHOR: Åsa Linderborg

ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: Bokförlaget Polaris

GENRE: Current Books, Non-fiction

The Thirteen-Month Year is a diary from autumn 2017 to autumn 2018. It was a dramatic year in Sweden, with intense public debates concerning populism, freedom of expression, #MeToo and the Swedish Academy.

During this diary year, Aftonbladet culture editor, Åsa Linderborg, occupies a controversial position of her own. A few months short of her fiftieth birthday, she is abandoned by the man she loves. Four days later, she is accused of causing asuicide. The child in the coming-of-age novel Nobody Owns Me is now an adult trying to deal with two crises, one private and one professional.

It is a soul-searching, polemical portrayal of the public arena and a woman in the middle of it. It is about taking a stand, about betrayal, doubt and feelings on media power and inevitable aging.

“Can people tell I live alone? Before, when P was out of town, I would book a table at KB all for myself. I would read and handwrite articles in the restaurant buzz, on those white tablecloths I longed for as a child. I would order a glass of wine and find an expression or idea that made me tip a lot more. I no longer do that. After work, I go home alone, to an apartment where no one but me cares how I live my life.”

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