Time of war


AUTHOR: Elisabeth Östnäs


GENRE: Children

Turid and her thrall Unna are fleeing for their lives after the people in her village have been slayed in an enemy invasion. They travel on foot through a country devastated by war and under the constant threat of new attacks from the enemy.

In a brutal world where women and children are in constant danger, Turid and Unna can only rely on each other. For a stretch of road they find protection with a group of travelling people.

Turid desperately needs to find Frode, her betrothed, the only person close to her now. But after several dramatic adventures the bond between her and Unna has grown so strong that Turid realizes that she would never have made it without her. She sets Unna free.

Apart from the distance the two of them have covered through so many hardships, Turid has also made a mental journey. When finally her and Frode’s wedding takes place, the circumstances are so different from what they once planned and Turid has also changed and matured.

They decide to flee the war which is ravaging their country and already plan a new journey to far off countries.

This is the second book in the trilogy “The Saga Of Turid”.



"Historical young adult with a much longed for feminist touch"

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