Turn the Page



AUTHOR: Johanna Schreiber


GENRE: Fiction

Clara Taube’s life seems to have come to a standstill. Working as a senior editor at Schantz, a publishing house under reorganization, she feels the urge to find the next bestseller after she lost an important author to a competing publishing house. The pressure to perform increases when her colleagues advance at work and her new boss seem quite sceptical to her work. At the same time her younger siblings start families of their own and she receives several hints that it would be time for her to find someone to settle down with. But growing up reading the grand love stories and dreaming about “happily ever after” Clara has gradually come to terms with the fact that eternal love belongs in fiction, not in real life. 

One day she stumbles over a manuscript that will radically change it all. The story instantly appeals to her, and she knows that she must take a chance and act quickly to avoid that other publishing houses snatches the potential bestseller. Therefore, Clara travels from Stockholm to Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden, to meet the author. 

When meeting the loveable, somewhat mysterious author of the grand love story, Mika, she realizes that it will not only affect her career, but also her love life since she feels an instant and special connection between them. The standstill of Clara’s career and love life is long gone and instead work and romance collide, creating a complicated situation of secrets and conflicts. 

Johanna Schreiber returns with Turn the page, the sequel to Blurred Linesand we can finally dive back into the intriguing universe of Schantz publishing. Schreiber once again masters to tell a story filled with recognition and humour, yet at the same time doesn’t dodge to include heavier questions, creating a fulfilling reading experience.