Wilful Disregard: A Novel about Love

ORIGINAL TITLE: Egenmäktigt förfarande

AUTHOR: Wilful Disregard: A Novel about Love


GENRE: Non-fiction

Ester Nilsson is 31 years old. She is a poet and an essayist and a sensible person in a sensible relationship. One day in June she receives a phone call and she is requested to giva a lecture on the artist Hugo Rask. In the audience sits the artist himself, spellbound, and they meet for the first time after the lecture.

From now on her remaining existence is tightly linked to this conversation, to its intention completely innocent. Hardly anything that occurs after it would have had the same impact without the chain of events that now begins.

And kind of love story unfolds between Ester Nilsson and Hugo Rask, banal in its simplicity and grand in its total devotion.

Wilful Disregard is a story about how willingly we betray ourselves in out longing to be loved.



"I never thought a book about anxious Swedish intellectuals engaged in a philosophical back and forth would grip me like an airport read, but here we are. Jenni recommended this book as 'perfect, just read it'[…] Jenni said: 'I want to give this to every person I know who is in a one sided relationship. This will snap them right out of it.'… She was right."

Lena Dunham, Lenny Letter

"Speaking of intelligence. I'll be damned if it it isn't Lena Andersson's middle name. She is known as the public's sharpest analysts  in politics and cultural phenomena, but her new novel Wilful Disregard is about love - a subject so conventional that in this context it appears to be ingenious... Her novel is a creepy lucid dissection of the tangled psychology of love"

M Magazine

"Lena Andersson has written a brilliant, razor sharp novel about love. She is merciless in her vision, shows us how we lie to ourselves in our desire to be loved and dissects hope, that is supposed to be the last thing to leave man. "


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