With What Right

ORIGINAL TITLE: Bara ett offer

AUTHOR: Kicki Sehlstedt


GENRE: Crime, Current Books

With What Right is the third part in the critically acclaimed Probono-series about colorful criminologist Kajan Berglund and investigating journalist Aida Svantesson. A thrilling crime novel of immediate interest uncovering both MeToo and the lawless shadow community we all live right in the midst of. 

Aida Svantesson has just returned to her work at Probono after her parental leave when she gets a hot tip. An anonymous Instagram account is calling out a famous politician as being a rapist, and some time later he disappears without a trace. Aida and Kajan starts digging in the case, and their discoveries brings them into unknown worlds, where people are prepared to do whatever it takes to cover up their dark secrets – and to finally get revenge.



”This is a skillfully written realistic novel about a dark part of our world, where women and immigrants without legal rights live in a constant state of terror, and where social media is means to exploit and murder. But, Sehlstedt also spices her story with glimpses of friendship, family bonds and love. Rating: 4/5.”

BTJ, Kerstin Rydén

"Kicki Sehlstedt is skilled at tying together stories that initially seems to have nothing in common. /…/ [She] once again proves that she is among the top Swedish writers of contemporary suspense."