Women like us

ORIGINAL TITLE: Kvinnor som vi

AUTHOR: Eva Susso & Moa Eriksson Sandberg


Let’s face it; life isn’t a story by E.L. James, nor is it a Harlequin novel. More so, it’s trying to be intimate despite having a six-month-old screaming in the other room, going on boring Tinder dates, and struggling to keep the fire going after the kids move out and the old husband suddenly seems more interested in stuff like trains and doing puzzles. 

WOMEN LIKE US is a refreshingly truthful novel about life as a woman. Told through the eyes of two sisters and their two daughters, WOMEN LIKE US offer accurate depictions of all aspects of life – throughout life. Reading this is like looking into the future, a rearview mirror, and discovering things about your present all at once. It’s a rally to stop repressing your urges, and taking yourself and your sexuality seriously.