Your Fertile Life

ORIGINAL TITLE: Ditt fertila liv

AUTHOR: Emma Karling Widsell & Carolina Tristen


GENRE: Non-fiction

This midwife and fertility doctor duo went from hosting and creating a successful podcast to writing the book on everything you need to know from the puberty to the menopause.

A woman is the most fertile in her twenties. After that, fertility slowly decline, accelerating after 35 and even more so after the age of 40. This is a biological fact that doesn’t align with how most Western women live their lives.

Many spend the first part of their fertile years being terrified of a pregnancy, until they one day find themselves even more terrified of never being able to have children. Few things are as engaging and crucial as fertility, and at the same time (or perhaps: because of that fact) the female body and fertile life is shrouded in mystery, myths and ignorance. Reading Your Fertile Life will change that forever.

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