10 feb 2021

Girls Lost finalist for Pen Translation Prize!

We are incredibly proud of that Jessica Schiefauer’s novel Girls Lost, in Saskia Vogel’s translation, is one of the finalists for Pen America Translation Prize 2021. A huge congratulations to Jessica, to Saskia and to publishing house Deep Vellum!

Girls Lost is a thriller featuring three teenage girls: Kim, Bella, and Momo. The three occupy a challenging limbo between childhood and adulthood, made only more difficult by the steady provocation of their malicious male classmates and pubescent bodies that are changing beyond their control. 

 In this tale, the body is a battlefield, and masculinity is a drug. Brilliantly poetic and deeply poignant, this magical story was adapted into an internationally-renowned feature film exploring how we shape our identity, and how we cope with our own transformations.

 The PEN Translation Prize is an annual award for book-length prose translations from any language into English published during the current calendar year. Awarded annually since 1963, the award confers a $3,000 prize to the translator of the winning book.

 Read more here:  https://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2021/02/10/presenting-the-finalists-for-the-2021-pen-america-literary-awards/