“It is hard to believe anyone could have done it better than Smirnoff.  Unless it would have been Stieg Larsson himself.”

Karin Smirnoff’s Havsörnens skrik received a warm welcome from the Swedish press, here it a selection of review quotes on the amazing crime novel:

Men Who Hate Women was the starting point for Stieg Larsson’s Millennium success. A feminist perspective and the theme of men’s violence against women and women who strike back was strong throughout the trilogy. Not least through Lisbeth Salander and her background story. As Karin Smirnoff takes over The Millennium baton after David Lagercrantz she proves that she is exactly the right writer for this central theme.” (…)

Havsörnens skrik is a strong combination of her peculiarity as a writer, her own language, the darkness and the solidarity which works perfectly well together with what Millennium repreents. Not least because Smirnoff too has room for humor and a twinkle-in-the-eye drive with both our current time and Stieg Larsson’s two old heroes.” (…)
Skånska Dagbladet

Havsörnens skrik is a really, really good crime novel. It is also a serious and successful attempt to keep Stieg Larsson’s commitment alive and let entertainment literature speak heavy truths about our time.”
Gefle Dagblad

“The order is restored: Larsson’s sharp social criticism is back”

“Letting Karin Smirnoff take over the baton after David Lagercrantz is a
stroke of genius. It is hard to believe anyone could have done it better than Smirnoff. 
Unless it would have been Stieg Larsson himself.”
Upsala Nya Tidning

“Everything is, of course, connected as it turns out. The force of the plot carries over loose snow and through bombshelter doors. But what ultimately remains, and what is Smirnoff’s great achievement, is how she time and again disrupts the narrative with the question of the children. The boys who get beaten and grow up to be men who beat women. The Lisbeth girls, with their chronic maternal grief. Those who know that it is always too late to have a happy childhood. There the connections to Smirnoff’s previous books become clear. This is as it should be, as there is the feminist anger, the founding connection, that unites her with Stieg Larsson. The one that is, literally, carried through smoke and shell fire by Lisbeth and Svala together.” 

“Overall, we more than approve of Smirnoff’s debut a crime novelist (…) what impresses is the thrilling plot, the environmental depiction, and above all the unexpected and, yes, poignant relationship between Lisbeth and Svala. Something tells me that the dark tale of the Millennium will continue for a long time.
Svenska Dagbladet

To Cook a Bear announced to be the first Disney+ Nordic Original Production

Award-winning author Mikael Niemi’s stunning novel To Cook a Bear will be adapted into a six-part series produced by Disney+; making it the first Nordic Original production. The story takes place in 1852 in a small village up north and is centering on a pastor and a runaway Sami boy, who develops a deep relationship while investigating an unexpected murder mystery.

The screenplay is written by Swedish screenwriter Jesper Harrie (“Blinded,” “Bonus Family,” “Sunny Side”) who described his ambition to not only “create a crime in a historical setting, but also a drama.” The series is produced by by Miira Paasilinna, Martin Person and Mia Welin at Anagram Sweden for The Walt Disney Company Nordic & Baltic.

“We are incredibly proud to announce the very first Disney+ Nordic Original production. “To Cook a Bear” has everything we want to offer our adult audience; a deep, rich story set in a truly grand Nordic Noir scenery. I am confident it will find its way to the hearts of audiences in and well beyond the Nordics, and we can’t wait to bring it to them” said Vibeke Lia, Director of Programming & Production, The Walt Disney Company Nordic & Baltic. 

“I feel great joy and anticipation for the production of “To Cook a Bear.” It will be exciting to follow the Sami boy Jussi and his meeting with the great revival Pastor, and see their fight against the evil ravaging the Northern wilderness. We get to follow a story about cunning and courage, but also about man’s longing for both divine and human love,” said author Mikael Niemi.

Havsörnens skrik nominated for the Adlibris Prize

We’re so happy to see that Havsörnens skrik by Karin Smirnoff is nominated for the Adlibris Prize 2022. The winners of the award is decided by the readers – so make sure to place your vote before the 8th of December; the last day to vote. The winner is presented in January – we are crossing our fingers for Havsörnens skrik!


Let the Countdown Begin

The week for the publication of Millennium 7 is finally here.
On Friday, November 4th, Havsörnens skrik will be released.

Artist Sara-Vide Ericson creates new Millennium cover

An art catalogue text led to a friendship that led to a book cover. Author Karin Smirnoff and artist Sara-Vide Ericson’s journey continues to take unexpected turns.

Forget about traditional crime fiction covers. The cover for Havsörnens skrik (The Sea Eagle’s Cry) by Karin Smirnoff is something completely different, and the person behind it is Sara-Vide Ericson, the brightest star of Sweden’s contemporary art scene.

It started in 2021, when Sara-Vide Ericson was the inaugural artist to be shown at the new Skellefteå Art Gallery. Sara-Vide contacted Karin Smirnoff to enquire if she would consider writing an essay for the exhibition catalogue. Karin accepted and went on to depict, in prose and poetry, the feeling the art evoked in her.

When Karin Smirnoff, in turn, asked if Sara-Vide would consider creating a painting for the cover of Havsörnens skrik (The Sea Eagle’s Cry), Sara-Vide – herself a voracious reader of suspense novels – was honored to take on the task.

“In the painting The Passenger, a suspension bridge twists over black water like a helix in the night, or a DNA spiral from the past to the future. Setting foot on the bridge requires all your balance, strength and presence to continue forward. Because being out there is exhausting, violent and deafening – amid the silence. Will it carry your weight? Who do you become once you reach the other side? The spectator, like the protagonist, is exposed to rhythm, external forces and their own place in history. Just like when painting or writing. In that movement, you oscillate between being the eagle that stretches its wingspan and the prey caught in its talons,” says Sara-Vide Ericson.

“Book covers are an art form in themselves. Most crime novels look alike, but this one stands out. Sara-Vide’s art is always evocative and exciting. It’s also great fun that we can collaborate in different ways by combining our modes of expression,” says Karin Smirnoff.

On Saturday 24 September, the cover was shown publicly for the first time, at the Gothenburg Book Fair. In its original form, the painting The Passenger (oil on canvas, 150×230 cm, 2022) is part of a larger exhibition of Sara-Vide Ericson’s work, on view at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen until 29 October 2022.

Miroslav Sokcic is behind the cover design. Havsörnens skrik (The Sea Eagle’s Cry) will be released on 4 November 2022.

“One of Sweden’s foremost authors, of all categories and all time”

Peter Englund’s November 1942 – An Intimate History of the Turning Point of WW2 is receiving some beautiful reviews in Swedish press:

“As popular education, it is masterfully executed; as popular science [it is] probably unique, an achievement of international prominence. As literature, it is a deeply thought-provoking book, which makes the reader turn inward, toward their own time.”

“A powerful and moving chorus, and in the background the author himself always looms [as] a superb conductor, a master of polyphony and ambiguity.”
Dagens Nyheter

“It is as if [Englund’s] entire writing craft has been emancipated… November 1942 makes him one of the country’s foremost authors, [of] all categories [and] all time.”

“Englund shows how war intensifies the present, makes it vibrate… What is truly great about Englund’s November epic is how the author manages to conjure the everyday in extraordinary events.”
Svenska Dagbladet

“A brilliant reminder, in these times, of how destructive war is on all levels.”

“A magnificent read.”
Tidningen Vi

“Englund doesn’t look for heroes and villains; he is on the side of the people in a war between humanity and barbarism. He has gathered their voices into a literary chorus, and their yearnings are astoundingly unanimous.”
Upsala Nya Tidning

Newly published Turn the page by Johanna Schreiber “contains humor, spice and passion and is a wonderful read”!

“An entertaining and insightful description of the book industry” (…) “exactly the right tone in this mix of humor, spice and passion” AFTONBLADET

“Romance, drama, humor that offers surprises” “…it is impressive and provides a wonderful reading experience.” GÖTEBORGSPOSTEN

Bring on the summer, and happy summer reads!

Norwegian praise for Sole Witness!

Sole Witness by Lisa Bjerre and Susan Casserfelt got some fantastic attention in Norway – just in time for the second installment of the Line 17 in Sweden that will be released this week!

”Mandatrory reading for those who love crime! If you ask me the authors deserve Glassnøkkelen – the award for the best Scandinavian crime novel” 

“A heartbreaking portrait of the 13-year-old Eddie and the conditions he lives by is the great treasure of this book, and it impresses in so many ways.”

Netflix-production Black Crab No. 1 in 55 countries!

On March the 18th the original Netflix production and action thriller Black Crab, adapted from Jerker Virdborg’s award-winning novel with the same name, was released on Netflix worldwide. In only a few days, the film has climbed to the top position in 55 countries, seen by more than 20 million viewers!

Black Crab is set in a war-torn world where six soldiers are sent out on a dangerous military mission to transport a package, not knowing anything about its content. Travelling on iceskates through a frozen archipelago, the freezing cold and the fear of the unknown puts them to test, and challenges their trust for each other. Black Crab is a thrilling, suggestive psychological page turner about what you are willing to do for your own survival. 

Hedlund Agency is proud to represent the translation rights to Jerker Virdborg’s phenomenal thriller. A full English translation is available, please contact us for more information. 

Beautiful endorsements on Peter Englunds upcoming book November

Peter Englund received several tributing endorsements from international publishers on his upcoming book November, that will be published in September 2022. What they hold in common is especially the acknowledge of Englund’s unique way of telling – the thrilling meets the poetic and retells historical events, yet with his authentic language we are brought back to where it all happened; to listen to the people, to draw in the environment and to witness the small details and the big events. For example Frank Poehlmann, at Rowolt, points out that “it is easy to forget that it is immensely erudite, too.. I don’t think that someone has ever told these events in such a unique way” as well as Jonathan Segal, from Knopf, who lifts the multifaceted content: “The author’s interweaving of the fascinating and poignant stories — every single one of them — makes for absolutely riveting and informed reading.”

Read all endorsements here