The sensational art-thriller sold in German auction

The wondrous thriller-debut by author Lou Berg has been sold to German publisher DuMont after auction! At least two books in the series will be published with Antonia Marker as the editor. She says:

We’re so looking forward to publishing Lou Berg’s DAWN. FALSE! It’s a fast-paced intelligent thriller with two great female characters at its center that gets you from the very first page. Nea and Nadezhda are both strong women that chose to take their fate into their own hands – no matter what it costs. Reading about them breaking bad is just gripping, especially because you fall for them so much. They are authentic, complex and in all their brokenness absolutely moving and relatable. The world DAWN. FALSE is set in is attractive as well: Art forgery is definitely a very aesthetic crime.

The Beauty and the Sorrow by Peter Englund – one of the best narrative non-fiction books of the 21st Century!

Peter Englund’s The Beauty and the Sorrow is among the five best narrative non-fiction titles published in the 21 st Century thus far, according to prestigious daily Svenska Dagbladet! The other four are Thomas Piketty, Joan Didion, Maggie Nelson and Svetlana Alexievitch.

And more good news! Peter Englund has just delivered the manuscript to what can be seen as a companion piece of The Beauty and the Sorrow, titled November (working title)! An unforgettable read about the crucial month of November 1942. To be published in Sweden by Natur & Kultur in the autumn of 2022 and simultaneously in several additional languages.

“Stridsberg sees through everyone – but judges no one”

Sara Stridsberg’s first short story collection is rich in literary magic. But she is at her best in the straightforward stories – and when she depicts the crisis in the Swedish Academy as a fairy tale reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.

Some universes bend in on themselves, and one such is Sara Stridsberg’s authorship. Her texts are celestial bodies that illuminate and pass by only to reappear later – in a different form, with slight, fluid variations but with the same strange luminosity, and with an infinite number of winks at one another.

“Reading Sara Stridsberg evokes the feeling of visiting a place where you spent time as a child but have forgot what it looked like, and yet to recognize every single stone.”  Svenska Dagbladet

The River is “A masterpiece”

Rosa Liksom’s new novel The River, published by Like in Finland in the beginning of this month, is receiving rave reviews. 

“Liksom has written a captivating novel about people caught in the grip of war” – Keskisuomalainen

”A northern masterpiece” – Karjalainen

“A chef-d’oeuvre” – Karelsk

“Rosa Liksom has written one of her best novels to date. – Lapin Kansa

A number of foreign deals have been closed in a short period of time and so far rights are sold to Penguin Verlag (Germany), Koolibri (Estonia), Wahlström & Widstrand (Sweden) and Iperborea (Italy). 

A Nordic deal for Simon Häggström

After over 60 000 copies sold in Sweden, HarperCollins has acquired the Nordic rights to Simon Häggström’s series about The Human Trafficking Unit. The first installment in the series will be published in Denmark, Finland and Norway in 2022. 

“We are looking forward to publishing Simon Häggström in Denmark. He writes thrilling stories with a strong realistic tone that always is relevant.” Alice Krogh Scott, Country manager HarperCollins Denmark

“Simon Häggström’s books are incredibly important, and at HarperCollins Norway we are proud to publish thrilling crime stories that are so realistic.” Nina Schiotz Solseth, editor HarperCollins Norway

“I am very proud that we will publish Simon Häggström’s novels in Finland next year. His style is versatile, strong and provides an unusual depth in the genre.”  Sari Toumaala, PR Manager HarperCollins Finland.

THE BEACH is booming!

Debut novel THE BEACH by Anna Breitholtz Monsén has within less than three months from publication sold well over 30 000 copies! The captivating story about ex-police Lina who is caught between running an inherited cat hotel and solving murders has truly hit a note with the Swedish audience. Congratulations, Anna!

Greta’s Journey is here!

The first copies of Greta’s Journey have arrived from the printing house! This informative, moving and very beautiful book can be found in Swedish bookstores from August 20th. Stay tuned for more news!

Comment Cuire un Ours

We love Editions Stock’s just published French edition of To Cook a Bear by Mikael Niemi! And raving voices from critics are beginning to be heard: “Irresistible!” “Delightfully mischievous, snappy and scholarly.” “A delight!” Felicitations Mikael Niemi and Editions Stock!

“History and crime plot are joyfully mixed in a social painting of the Far North. Poet, playwright and novelist Mikael Niemi handles the art of storytelling with imagination, feeling and cheerful, old-fashioned knowledge. Irresistible!”

“Delightfully mischievous, as snappy as it is scholarly, this excursion to the Sami north will surprise! (…) May he be praised!


“Just as in The Name of the Rose, we find a heartbreaking, unconventional and quite astounding love story in To Cook a Bear. The style is fueled by images. The encyclopedic aspect of The Name of the Rose is absent which makes reading To Cook a Bear a lot more fun. Unlike Eco, Swedish Niemi is not a Genghis Kahn of literature that crushes everything in his path. Niemi is a humble craftsman. The author spoils us with a flying thriller that turns our ideas and suspicions up-side down.”

La Provence

“By letting a young Sami boy raised as a son by the preacher, be the narrator of the story, Mikael Niemi gives us the unexpected depth of a social painting:  one of prejudices, injustice and violence where struggling humanity is touching. This beautifully written thriller is a delight.”

La Voix du Nord

“Mikael Niemi here writes a gripping work, in Sweden sometimes compared with Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose.”

Le Monde des Livres

Teaser trailer on Compartement No. 6 motion picture!

We are thrilled to share the teaser trailer for the film Compartement No. 6,  based on Rosa Liksom’s magnificent and atmospheric novel, that will have its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival Competition next month (July 6 – 17)!

Compartement No. 6  is produced by Jussi Rantamäki for Finland’s Aamu Film Company, and tells the story of a Finnish woman who escapes an enigmatic love affair in Moscow by boarding a train to the arctic port of Murmansk. Forced to share the long ride and a tiny sleeping car with a Russian miner, the unexpected encounter leads them to face the truth about their own yearning for human connection. Shot between St Petersburg and Murmansk, it stars Seidi Haarla – recently named an EFP Shooting Star at the 2021 Berlinale – and Yuriy Borisov. The film is written and directed by Juho Kuosmanen who won the Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes in 2016 for his debut feature The Happiest Day In The Life Of Olli Maki.
Find the teaser here!

Congratulations Aamu Film Company and Rosa Liksom – we can’t wait to see the film on movie theaters!

Strega sold to the US!

What a way to end a week! The North American rights to Johanne Lykke Holm’s breath-taking novel STREGA have been picked up by Riverhead. Riverhead will publish simultaneously with Lolli Editions (UK + Commonwealth) late autumn 2022.

“STREGA is a startling and powerful book about young women on the cusp of inheriting—and perpetuating—submission to violence and the myths that uphold it, as an inescapable rite of womanhood. Johanne Lykke Holm is a surprising and inventive writer at every turn, and we cannot wait to introduce her to English readers in the US.”

Catalina Trigo, Riverhead

“If you come to the mysterious mountain village of Strega in search of plot-driven convention, you will get lost in the woods. Amidst thick forests bathed in red light and jade-green lakes, every object, every gesture, and every softly spoken word glows with Delphic significance as Rafa and eight other young women are made to wash and iron, cook and make the beds in a grand hotel that remains conspicuously deserted – until it isn’t. With the stylish deception of Alain Resnais and the sensuous evocation of Hildegard of Bingen, STREGA builds like a spell that keeps exerting its powers long after reading. In less than 200 pages, Johanne Lykke Holm has changed what I turn to fiction for.”

Denise Rose Hansen, Lolli Editions