Newly published Turn the page by Johanna Schreiber “contains humor, spice and passion and is a wonderful read”!

“An entertaining and insightful description of the book industry” (…) “exactly the right tone in this mix of humor, spice and passion” AFTONBLADET

“Romance, drama, humor that offers surprises” “…it is impressive and provides a wonderful reading experience.” GÖTEBORGSPOSTEN

Bring on the summer, and happy summer reads!

Norwegian praise for Sole Witness!

Sole Witness by Lisa Bjerre and Susan Casserfelt got some fantastic attention in Norway – just in time for the second installment of the Line 17 in Sweden that will be released this week!

”Mandatrory reading for those who love crime! If you ask me the authors deserve Glassnøkkelen – the award for the best Scandinavian crime novel” 

“A heartbreaking portrait of the 13-year-old Eddie and the conditions he lives by is the great treasure of this book, and it impresses in so many ways.”

Netflix-production Black Crab No. 1 in 55 countries!

On March the 18th the original Netflix production and action thriller Black Crab, adapted from Jerker Virdborg’s award-winning novel with the same name, was released on Netflix worldwide. In only a few days, the film has climbed to the top position in 55 countries, seen by more than 20 million viewers!

Black Crab is set in a war-torn world where six soldiers are sent out on a dangerous military mission to transport a package, not knowing anything about its content. Travelling on iceskates through a frozen archipelago, the freezing cold and the fear of the unknown puts them to test, and challenges their trust for each other. Black Crab is a thrilling, suggestive psychological page turner about what you are willing to do for your own survival. 

Hedlund Agency is proud to represent the translation rights to Jerker Virdborg’s phenomenal thriller. A full English translation is available, please contact us for more information. 

Beautiful endorsements on Peter Englunds upcoming book November

Peter Englund received several tributing endorsements from international publishers on his upcoming book November, that will be published in September 2022. What they hold in common is especially the acknowledge of Englund’s unique way of telling – the thrilling meets the poetic and retells historical events, yet with his authentic language we are brought back to where it all happened; to listen to the people, to draw in the environment and to witness the small details and the big events. For example Frank Poehlmann, at Rowolt, points out that “it is easy to forget that it is immensely erudite, too.. I don’t think that someone has ever told these events in such a unique way” as well as Jonathan Segal, from Knopf, who lifts the multifaceted content: “The author’s interweaving of the fascinating and poignant stories — every single one of them — makes for absolutely riveting and informed reading.”

Read all endorsements here

A 5 star-review for Sole Witness

Susan Casserfelt and Lisa Bjerre’s Sole Witness recently received a beautiful review in Jyllands-posten:

“While policemen Lina, a 30-year-old single with a longing for a steady partner, and Jack, ten years her senior with a stressful and messy private life in the form of a cancer-stricken wife and money problems, is on their way to the solution, the reader gets, in changing perspective between characters, insights into the lives of both gang members and police officers. The authors have grasped a highly topical topic, and they write an effective suspense story with lots of dialogue. They have also piled up considerable curiosity about the future relationship between Lina and Jack; both figures that are more complex than what the genre usually offers in the form of composite personalities that do not exclude seemingly contradictory reactions.”

5 Stars, Jyllands-Posten

Ninni Schulman awarded yet another Golden Book!

WHEN THE CLOCKS STOPS TICKING is the sixth part in the Hagfors series and has now surpassed 100 000 copies sold in Swedish! Congratulations Ninni – you’re the best!

Nordic praise for Compartment No. 6

“Compartment No. 6” received a warm welcome from the Nordic countries. Several critics pointed out the sense of a beautiful realness as well as a the film’s closeness. For instance, Hynek Pallas referred to the movie as “so physical that you feel the wind on your cheek, the vodka in your mouth and the story in your mind” in Göteborgs-Posten. Mårten Blomkvist for Dagens Nyheter also pointed out that “Finnish director Juho Kuosmanen’s film adaption of Rosa Liksom’s novel is unusually atmospheric.” Below is a selection of mentionings about Compartment No. 6:   


“Compartment No. & is anything but a classic tourist trip by train. Juho Kuosmanen, film director, leads his two main characters, and the audience, from station to station in a beautiful story about trying to understand each other’s differences and at the same time learn something about oneself when leaving one’s familiar habitat” 

Eva Novrup Redvall, Informatíon


”It’s a downturn that this journey is coming to an end” 

“The film does several clever observations of how immediate perception of other people not is necessarily true, and that we may actually have similar longings and needs despite having seemingly different personalitites.”

Birger Vestmo, NRK P3 


“Compartment No. 6 is not a film that makes a big fuss about itself, instead it’s one of those stories you catch yourself thinking of Laura and Ljoha, the main characters, several days after leaving the cinema. It’s absolutely wonderful in its own low-key way.

Thomas Brunstrøm, Berglinske 

Double premiere for Black Crab and Kärret 

Recently the film ”Black Crab”, directed by Adam Berg, as well as the short film ”Kärret”, directed by Marcus Söderlund, premiered at The Gothenburg Film Festival. Adapted from one of the short stories in “Air Raid Shelter on Lux Street”, written by Jerker Virdborg, “Kärret” is set in a war-torn Sweden where two people smugglers are transporting a group of refugees through a swamp; A mission where life is at stake.

In the action thriller “Black Crab”, based Virdborg’s award winning novel with the same name, six soldiers are sent out on a military mission to transport a package. Unaware of the content, they set of on dangerous journey across a frozen sea, only knowing that the package could end the brutal war that pervades the world. The stellar cast includes Noomi Rapace, Jakob Oftebro, Erik Enge, Dar Salim, Ardalan Esmaili alongside with Aliette Opheim and David Dencik. The film will launch worldwide on Netflix March 18th.    

Compartment No. 6 reviewed in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

We’re thrilled to see the film “Compartment No.6” appearing as “Critic’s Pick” in The New York Times. The film, based on Rosa Liksom’s novel and directed by Juho Kuosmanen, is set on a Russian train where Laura and Ljoha, strangers to each other, have to share the same compartment. The review, written by Manolha Dargis, refers to it as a “smart, emotionally nuanced film that rarely goes where you except” and highlights the rich sense of people and places and the buildup of an “threatening intimacy” created by a defensive tension and at the same time gradual approach of Laura and Ljoha.

The film is also reviewed by Joe Morgenstern in The Wall Street Journal who emphasizes the acting efforts and recommends it “for those with a hunger for surprising, affecting films, I say seek this one out by all means.” 

Compartment No. 6 premiered at The Cannes Film Festival in July 2021 and will premiere in Sweden at the Gothenburg Film Festival February 11th this year, in Denmark February 27th, Netherlands in February, Germany in April and in Switzerland at the Zurich Film Festival March 11th.    

Read the full review in The New York Times here.

Read the full review in The Wall Street Journal here.

Millennium gets a new sequel

Sweden’s biggest literary success ever, Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, 2005; The Girl Who Played with Fire, 2006; and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, 2007), is getting a new sequel. 

Bokförlaget Polaris has acquired the Swedish rights for three additional books in the Millennium series, Millennium 7-9, by Moggliden, which manages Stieg Larsson’s estate and which is represented by Hedlund Literary Agency.

Three previous sequels, written by David Lagercrantz, were published between 2015-2019 (The Girl in the Spider’s WebThe Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye, and The Girl Who Lived Twice). Books 1-6 in the Millennium series were published by Norstedts in Sweden.

The Millennium series has sold over 100 million copies worldwide and has been published in more than 50 countries.

“We are pleased to have agreed with Polaris on the next step for the Millennium series. During the process, they impressed us by combining enthusiasm and a wealth of ideas with a keen understanding of the Millennium world,” says the Larsson family’s representative, Magdalena Hedlund.

“The series about Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist is an incomparable epic and David Lagercrantz did a fantastic job when he took the helm. As a new original publisher, to take this deeply loved story further is not only exhilarating and honoring, but also demanding. We are grateful for the trust from the Larsson estate and will do our utmost, together with the right author and with respect for the origin, to manage the brilliance of Millennium. We look forward with confidence to continuing the creative process we have already begun and hope to be able to present further news soon,” says Jonas Axelsson, publishing director at Bokförlaget Polaris.


Jonas Axelsson,, +46 70 397 39 38

Magdalena Hedlund,, +46 70 669 05 68