The Doctrine nominated for “International Panorama” at Séries Mania

Upcoming series The Doctrine, adapted from Magnus Montelius’s thriller Eight Months, is nominated in the category ”International Panorama” at the Séries Mania festival; one of biggest festivals for drama series in Europe.

We can’t wait for The Doctrine to air this fall!

Norweigan praise for Stone in Silk

After a successful launch of Mikael Niemi’s Stone in Silk in Norway the novel received a 6 out of 6 in Adresseavisen!

“Magnificent [novel] about poverty, strikes and genuine people.”

“[With this novel, Mikael Niemi] has set the bar high, maybe all the way up for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize.”

– Stein Roll, Adresseavisen

Upcoming release and Pre-review of The Dreams We Dream Togheter

Only a couple of days until Niklas Rådström’s new amazing novel The Dreams We Dream Togheter will be published, and it has already received a pre-review by BTJ that pointed out the urgency of the novel and Niklas Rådström’s skills in writing a poetic and suspenseful story. We’re so excited for release day on Friday March 1st!

November 1942 recommended by The New York Times

Fantastic news from the US! Peter Englund’s November 1942: An Intimate History of the Turning Point of WW2 was included as one of the recommendations in the Editors’ Choice in The New York Times.

“Each experience is presented with equal weight, each diary or memoir paraphrased with dispassionate neutrality. This format ensures an extraordinary — and bewildering — range of striking details.”

From Caroline Alexander’s review in The New York Times.

New author to the Agency – Hanna Sahlberg!

We are very glad to introduce author and journalist Hanna Sahlberg as a new talent at the Agency! In her critically acclaimed memoir The Invisible Wall: Dispatches From My Failed Attempt at Becoming Chinese she chronicles her move to southern China and captures the country with clarity and sensitivity. An extraordinary historical account that reads like a novel. 

Welcome to Hedlund Agency, Hanna! 

Praise for Stone in Silk

First reviews of Mikael Niemi’s spectacular and most recent novel Stone in Silk are here:

“… prose that gives off sparks. … Niemi knows exactly when the language should rest – and when it should do somersaults.”

“He knows the region and portrays [its inhabitants’] mentalities and mindsets utterly convincingly” 

“Niemi is a storyteller of the epic variety, which he once again demonstrates. The language alternately snuffles and crawls in mud and dung, alternately crackles and sparkles like a Mozart aria with ornaments and trills in metaphors, descriptions and digressions.”
Gefle Dagblad

“A pure delight of a novel!” 
Yukiko Duke, Vi Läser

“Mikael Niemi [writes] an almost magically epic prose that propels the action forward. Although the novel is almost 600 pages long, every page, every word has a purpose in its construction. A masterful novel. Rating: 5, Brilliant.”

Top placements for The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons in Germany and Spain

The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons is making its way around the world! Currently it holds the position No.6 on Der Spiegel‘s Bestseller list as well as No. 4 and No. 3 on the Castillian bestseller list as well as No. 4 on the Catalan one.

Pre-review of The Hundredth Woman

A fantastic pre-review of upcoming novel The Hundredth Woman was published by BTJ this week pointing out author Simon Häggström’s extensive commitment and ability to create deeply touching and educative suspense.

“This is a heinous reality that has been been transformed into affecting suspense literature. It keeps you on pins and needles.”

We can’t wait until publishing day September 28th!

The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons on The New York Times Bestseller List

WONDERFUL NEWS! The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons has just debuted as #8 on The New York Times Bestseller list. Congratulations!

Publishers Weekly on November 1942: “A gripping and propulsive account”

Publishers Weekly just published a wonderful review of Peter Englund’s November 1942 in Publishers Weekly:

“Swedish historian Englund takes a captivating firsthand look at a pivotal month of WWII by drawing on the diaries, letters, and memoirs of 39 people who lived through it […] This gripping and propulsive account, expertly translated by Graves in lyrical prose, recreates the daily uncertainty of war as experienced by regular people with limited information and few resources. It’s a monumental work of history.”

Read the full review here.

The US edition, published by Knopf, will be available 21th of November 2023.