Who we are

Hedlund Agency is an independent literary agency with a roster of distinguished Nordic authors. As the agents of the estate of Stieg Larsson, we are proud to have initiated the immensely successful follow-up to the Millennium series.

Regardless of genre, we are dedicated to quality and passion in storytelling. Our authors’ rights are at the center of everything we do, be it traditional books, films, new media, or merchandising rights.

We work closely with our authors; continuously offering support, plotting strategy and mapping new possibilities.

We believe that publishing – and indeed agenting – is not just business; it is a creative partnership dedicated to the cultivation and promotion of art and ideas.

Our goal is always to foster long-term and rewarding collaborations between authors and professionals throughout our extensive international network.

Magdalena Hedlund

Magdalena Hedlund founded  Hedlund Agency in 2011.   "I read rather broadly in literary fiction, but ever since I was a teenager and was swept away by reading Gone with the Wind, I love epic novels that take you to a country and lead you through parts of its history. Half of a Yellow Sun is one of my such favorites. I also love clever and atmospheric crime novels that are set in a social context."  

Gudrun Lindgren

Gudrun Lindgren works as an Administrator and joined the Agency in 2018. Gudrun has experiensed many years working at Aftonbladet and Bokon. "I enjoy historical masterpieces such as Kristin Lavransdotter and City of My Dreams, and gripping faiths like those of Niceville and A Little Death around the Eyes."

Siri Lindgren

Siri Lindgren has worked with translation rights since 2014 and joined Hedlund Agency early 2017. Since the autumn of 2020 she is CEO of the company.   "I want to be swept away, just like when I read Wuthering Heights for the first time, as frightened as I was when I read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in an empty hostel in Spain, and as engulfed as when I read My Name is Lucy Barton."

Alice Stenberg

Alice Stenberg joined Hedlund Agency in April 2019. Before that she worked as a Junior Agent at Partners in Stories. "I’m looking for suspense fiction with a plot that is equal parts surprising and smart. I’d also love to work with an exiting non-fiction project, dealing with something I wasn’t aware I was dying to learn more about."    

Our dog

"I’m always looking for new squirrels to chase, and soft cushions to sleep on."


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