Rights Sold
19 jan 2020

Magnus Montelius’ EIGHT MONTHS is the best translated suspense of the year in Denmark!

The jury concludes: “Magnus Montelius makes one breathe easy, the genre is alive! For what an introduction to the political power play and the magical attraction it practices on gifted aspirants who wants to make it and will not find themselves overlooked. The protagonist, the journalist Nina, is so hard...

13 jan 2020

Ingrid Carlberg´s NOBEL!

Ingrid Carlberg’s NOBEL was the 19th best selling non-fiction book of 2019! This effort is even more remarkable since the title was published in late September. Well done @norstedts_forlag !

13 jan 2020

Simon Häggström shortlisted for the Adlibris Award!

Simon Häggström's fantastically gripping crime novel THOSE WHO RAN is on the shortlist for the Storytel Awards AND on the shortlist for the Adlibris Award! See more and vote here:…Happy and proud agents!

03 dec 2019

Valerie by Sara Stridsberg named one of The Best Books 2019 in The New Yorker!

27 nov 2019

To Cook a Bear ready for the Theater scene!

We are happy to announce that Mikael Niemi´s To Cook a Bear will be played on stage at the Sapmi National Theater directed by Leif Stinnerbom from the Västanå Theater. The premiere is planned to February 2021.

20 nov 2019

Loved characters in new movie!

Eva and Adam - a hugely popular film and TV series from the 90’s, as well as a series of loved books – is confirmed for a new big screen production by Filmlance! Casting is ongoing. Stay tuned for more news soon.