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06 mar 2023

Danish media coverage on Havsörnens skrik

Havsörnens skrik had a successful launch in Denmark with several reviews as well as media coverage: “Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander are successfully back in their working clothes” - Jyllands Posten “I devoured it. Smirnoff is herself in Stieg Larsson’s shoes” - Weekendavisen “The story is full of surprises and it is...

06 mar 2023

International praise for Peter Englund

Since Peter Englund's November 1942 - An Intimate History of the Turning Point of WW2 has been published in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland and Norway it has gotten a fantastic reception with praising reviews! Germany “In his snapshot of November 1942, the Swedish historian [Peter Englund] puts individual human beings, their suffering...

26 jan 2023

“[The River] is, to say the least, magnificent.”

Last week Wahlström & Widstrand published the Swedish Edition of The River and its getting acknowledged in several reviews: “With intimate knowledge, Rosa Liksom portrays the void that the final year of the [second] world war left in northern Finland. It is heartbreaking.”Västerbottens-Kuriren “The River is a novel that allows us to understand our own time, and with whose help we may be able to...

20 jan 2023

Double up cover reveal: The Girl in The Eagle’s Talons

Two new Millennium-covers are now revealed! To the left we find the cover of the US edition that will be published by Knopf and to the right we have the cover of the UK edition published by MacLehose. Both editions will be published August 29th 2023 and are translated by...

Okänd avsändare Bjerre Casserfelt
12 dec 2022

Pre-review of Unknown Sender

Lisa Bjerre and Susan Casserfelt's upcoming Unknown Sender was recently pre-reviewed by BTJ and was credited for its environmental depictions as well as the appealing writing. Here is a selection of review quotes: ”Bjerre & Casserfelt writing is both rapid and skillful and results in easy flowing prose.”  “The characters...

29 nov 2022

“It is hard to believe anyone could have done it better than Smirnoff.  Unless it would have been Stieg Larsson himself.”

Karin Smirnoff's Havsörnens skrik received a warm welcome from the Swedish press, here it a selection of review quotes on the amazing crime novel: “Men Who Hate Women was the starting point for Stieg Larsson's Millennium success. A feminist perspective and the theme of men's violence against women and women who...