26 sep 2023

Praise for Stone in Silk

First reviews of Mikael Niemi’s spectacular and most recent novel Stone in Silk are here:

“… prose that gives off sparks. … Niemi knows exactly when the language should rest – and when it should do somersaults.”

“He knows the region and portrays [its inhabitants’] mentalities and mindsets utterly convincingly” 

“Niemi is a storyteller of the epic variety, which he once again demonstrates. The language alternately snuffles and crawls in mud and dung, alternately crackles and sparkles like a Mozart aria with ornaments and trills in metaphors, descriptions and digressions.”
Gefle Dagblad

“A pure delight of a novel!” 
Yukiko Duke, Vi Läser

“Mikael Niemi [writes] an almost magically epic prose that propels the action forward. Although the novel is almost 600 pages long, every page, every word has a purpose in its construction. A masterful novel. Rating: 5, Brilliant.”