15 okt 2020

Ingrid Carlberg elected to the Swedish Academy, chair no 5

Author and journalist Ingrid Carlberg, proudly represented by Hedlund Agency, has been elected to the Swedish Academy. “I am a bit overwhelmed and feel very happy and enthusiastic about the task ahead of me”, said Carlberg. 

Regarding the recent crisis at the Academy, Ingrid Carlberg said that she would never have accepted the assignment unless she thought that the Academy was not getting back on the right track again. “As far as I understand, the Academy is moving in the right direction. The Swedish Academy is one of the most important institutions in Sweden and I would say that is it a matter of national importance that it regains its former reputation and respect. I am very happy that the Academy wants me to be part of this journey.”

When asked what her contribution will be, Ingrid Carlberg commented: “I hope to contribute given my background as journalist and as a narrative non-fiction author. It is my understanding that the Academy wishes to broaden their scope with more knowledge in the field of non-fiction. I am wholeheartedly in favour of this as I think that non-fiction works have an important role when truths and lies tend to float together”, she added.

“The election of Ingrid Carlberg comes as a great surprise, and is therefore very gratifying. I know her as a person with a great sense of humour and a journalist and author with strong integrity who will enhance knowledge of non-fiction of the Academy. As an intellectual she has a deep understanding of the dangers that come with an authoritarian mindset that are gaining ground in the world today. I am sure that her insights will add a true understanding for how lies and propaganda can degrade society and its institutions” writes Björn Wiman, cultural director at Dagens Nyheter.