29 sep 2022

“One of Sweden’s foremost authors, of all categories and all time”

Peter Englund’s November 1942 – An Intimate History of the Turning Point of WW2 is receiving some beautiful reviews in Swedish press:

“As popular education, it is masterfully executed; as popular science [it is] probably unique, an achievement of international prominence. As literature, it is a deeply thought-provoking book, which makes the reader turn inward, toward their own time.”

“A powerful and moving chorus, and in the background the author himself always looms [as] a superb conductor, a master of polyphony and ambiguity.”
Dagens Nyheter

“It is as if [Englund’s] entire writing craft has been emancipated… November 1942 makes him one of the country’s foremost authors, [of] all categories [and] all time.”

“Englund shows how war intensifies the present, makes it vibrate… What is truly great about Englund’s November epic is how the author manages to conjure the everyday in extraordinary events.”
Svenska Dagbladet

“A brilliant reminder, in these times, of how destructive war is on all levels.”

“A magnificent read.”
Tidningen Vi

“Englund doesn’t look for heroes and villains; he is on the side of the people in a war between humanity and barbarism. He has gathered their voices into a literary chorus, and their yearnings are astoundingly unanimous.”
Upsala Nya Tidning