02 mar 2022

Beautiful endorsements on Peter Englunds upcoming book November

Peter Englund received several tributing endorsements from international publishers on his upcoming book November, that will be published in September 2022. What they hold in common is especially the acknowledge of Englund’s unique way of telling – the thrilling meets the poetic and retells historical events, yet with his authentic language we are brought back to where it all happened; to listen to the people, to draw in the environment and to witness the small details and the big events. For example Frank Poehlmann, at Rowolt, points out that “it is easy to forget that it is immensely erudite, too.. I don’t think that someone has ever told these events in such a unique way” as well as Jonathan Segal, from Knopf, who lifts the multifaceted content: “The author’s interweaving of the fascinating and poignant stories — every single one of them — makes for absolutely riveting and informed reading.”

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