01 apr 2021

Beautiful reviews for Abandonment in the Danish language

Elisabeth Åsbrink’s novel Abandonment has just been launched in Denmark by Gutkind Forlag. Here some quotes from praising Danish critics:

“This captivating and important debut novel reveals the hurting points in a family history (…) A sharp gaze for all the sediments accumulated in language, as well as for the small steps and  the larger changes.”

Benedicte Gui De Thurah Huang, Weekendavisen


“Very well told…The depiction of the mother as the threatening and always unpredictable ‘mother-cloud’, seen from little Kathrine’s perspective, is delivered with great sensitivity. It is also horrendous.”

Thomas Thurah, Information


”In this deep and powerful novel, Elisabeth Åsbrink writes beautifully and poetically about the lonesome history of her family.”

Anne Grete Jacobsen, Litteratursiden


A powerful and well written novel about a family that tells the story of three women in the 20th century. A compelling story about how these women – and we all – are affected by our upbringing and the conditions we are given.

Pernille Lisborg, Kulturen.nu