20 jun 2018

Obsession close to 70 000 copies sold!

Swedish crime author Ninni Schulman, whose stand-alone OBSESSION was released by Forum end of April now sold nearly 70 000 copies in Sweden only.

Quotes from reviews:

“well-written, elegantly composed, and suspenseful. With the just-published Obsession, Schulman does something utterly new.” Norra Skåne

“Here, Schulman steps off the well-trodden path and writes a book about something utterly different. And it turns out to work very well.” Smålandsposten

“Ragingly, uncannily good. /…/ Ninni Schulman’s stand-alone novel starts out like a happy fairytale, but soon something goes awry. The suspense slowly builds, and I greedily devour page after page to find out what’s going on. Who is deranged and whose experience is real?” TARA

”A very skillfully executed page-turner, both contemplative and eerily chilling”. BTJ

Rights are so far sold to Denmark (People’s Press), Norway (Cappelen Damm), Italy (Marsilio) Netherlands (Harper Collins) and  Poland (Sonia Draga).