15 maj 2020

This makes us long for the Autumn

Award-winning author Jessica Schiefauer has spent many years working on her first adult fiction novel. Planned publication was spring 2021. But then, the world shifted, the corona pandemic became a reality which has made publishing house Romanus & Selling change the publication date to October this year.

The Carriers depicts a world that has been subjected to a pandemic for decades. A contagious disease that forces men and women to live separated. The women are in control of power, and the scarce recourses are shared equally among the inhabitants. But the system is starting to get questioned, and when the main character Nikki becomes pregnant their life changes drastically. 

Susanna Romanus, publisher, says:

“When I first read The Carriers, I thought of it as a dystopian novel. Our current situation makes it increasingly and frighteningly realistic. Jessica Schiefauer has written a contemporary depiction of a society that raises questions about our civilisation and human nature – and that is deeply thought provoking.“

Foto: Cebastian Vähi