23 feb 2022

A 5 star-review for Sole Witness

Susan Casserfelt and Lisa Bjerre’s Sole Witness recently received a beautiful review in Jyllands-posten:

“While policemen Lina, a 30-year-old single with a longing for a steady partner, and Jack, ten years her senior with a stressful and messy private life in the form of a cancer-stricken wife and money problems, is on their way to the solution, the reader gets, in changing perspective between characters, insights into the lives of both gang members and police officers. The authors have grasped a highly topical topic, and they write an effective suspense story with lots of dialogue. They have also piled up considerable curiosity about the future relationship between Lina and Jack; both figures that are more complex than what the genre usually offers in the form of composite personalities that do not exclude seemingly contradictory reactions.”

5 Stars, Jyllands-Posten