13 maj 2019

New release: Those Who Ran

”We face this darkness all of the time. We try to light a candle. Often it gets put out, but sometimes we succeed and get a flame. That’s a feeling that cannot be measured in money or wealth.”

Simon Häggström and his book THOSE WHO RAN is on a six page-spread in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, where he talks about his work as a police within the Human Trafficking group and how that affects his personal life. THOSE WHO RAN is Simon’s first work of fiction, heavily influenced by his reality, depicting a terrifying side of Stockholm and the group of people trying to fight the darkness.
The whole Svenska Dagbladet interview if you read Swedish: https://www.svd.se/det-finns-inga-battre-manniskokannare-an-kvinnor-i-prostitution