Svart Krabba Jerker Virdborg Black Crab Film
23 mar 2022

Netflix-production Black Crab No. 1 in 55 countries!

On March the 18th the original Netflix production and action thriller Black Crab, adapted from Jerker Virdborg’s award-winning novel with the same name, was released on Netflix worldwide. In only a few days, the film has climbed to the top position in 55 countries, seen by more than 20 million viewers!

Black Crab is set in a war-torn world where six soldiers are sent out on a dangerous military mission to transport a package, not knowing anything about its content. Travelling on iceskates through a frozen archipelago, the freezing cold and the fear of the unknown puts them to test, and challenges their trust for each other. Black Crab is a thrilling, suggestive psychological page turner about what you are willing to do for your own survival. 

Hedlund Agency is proud to represent the translation rights to Jerker Virdborg’s phenomenal thriller. A full English translation is available, please contact us for more information.