18 jun 2021

Strega sold to the US!

What a way to end a week! The North American rights to Johanne Lykke Holm’s breath-taking novel STREGA have been picked up by Riverhead. Riverhead will publish simultaneously with Lolli Editions (UK + Commonwealth) late autumn 2022.

“STREGA is a startling and powerful book about young women on the cusp of inheriting—and perpetuating—submission to violence and the myths that uphold it, as an inescapable rite of womanhood. Johanne Lykke Holm is a surprising and inventive writer at every turn, and we cannot wait to introduce her to English readers in the US.”

Catalina Trigo, Riverhead

“If you come to the mysterious mountain village of Strega in search of plot-driven convention, you will get lost in the woods. Amidst thick forests bathed in red light and jade-green lakes, every object, every gesture, and every softly spoken word glows with Delphic significance as Rafa and eight other young women are made to wash and iron, cook and make the beds in a grand hotel that remains conspicuously deserted – until it isn’t. With the stylish deception of Alain Resnais and the sensuous evocation of Hildegard of Bingen, STREGA builds like a spell that keeps exerting its powers long after reading. In less than 200 pages, Johanne Lykke Holm has changed what I turn to fiction for.”

Denise Rose Hansen, Lolli Editions