09 jul 2021

Comment Cuire un Ours

We love Editions Stock’s just published French edition of To Cook a Bear by Mikael Niemi! And raving voices from critics are beginning to be heard: “Irresistible!” “Delightfully mischievous, snappy and scholarly.” “A delight!” Felicitations Mikael Niemi and Editions Stock!

“History and crime plot are joyfully mixed in a social painting of the Far North. Poet, playwright and novelist Mikael Niemi handles the art of storytelling with imagination, feeling and cheerful, old-fashioned knowledge. Irresistible!”

“Delightfully mischievous, as snappy as it is scholarly, this excursion to the Sami north will surprise! (…) May he be praised!


“Just as in The Name of the Rose, we find a heartbreaking, unconventional and quite astounding love story in To Cook a Bear. The style is fueled by images. The encyclopedic aspect of The Name of the Rose is absent which makes reading To Cook a Bear a lot more fun. Unlike Eco, Swedish Niemi is not a Genghis Kahn of literature that crushes everything in his path. Niemi is a humble craftsman. The author spoils us with a flying thriller that turns our ideas and suspicions up-side down.”

La Provence

“By letting a young Sami boy raised as a son by the preacher, be the narrator of the story, Mikael Niemi gives us the unexpected depth of a social painting:  one of prejudices, injustice and violence where struggling humanity is touching. This beautifully written thriller is a delight.”

La Voix du Nord

“Mikael Niemi here writes a gripping work, in Sweden sometimes compared with Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose.”

Le Monde des Livres