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Peter Englund

Peter Englund is Sweden’s most prominent narrator of modern history. His bestselling books have been raved about by celebrated authors in his genre, including Antony Beevor and Simon Sebag Montefiore.
In 2002, Peter Englund was elected to the Swedish Academy. In December 2008, Peter Englund was appointed the new Permanent Secretary of Swedish Academy. He held the position until June 2015.


1989 & 1999 Svenska Akademiens pris till Axel Hirsch minne
1993 Augustpriset
Nöjesguidens pris för ”Bästa Läsning”
De Nios pris
Selma Lagerlöf-priset
Bonniers essäpris
Uppsala universitets Disapris
Björn Nilsson-priset


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Published books


29 sep 2022

“One of Sweden’s foremost authors, of all categories and all time”

Peter Englund's November 1942 - An Intimate History of the Turning Point of WW2 is receiving some beautiful reviews in Swedish press: “As popular education, it is masterfully executed; as popular science [it is] probably unique, an achievement of international prominence. As literature, it is a deeply thought-provoking book, which...

02 mar 2022

Beautiful endorsements on Peter Englunds upcoming book November

Peter Englund received several tributing endorsements from international publishers on his upcoming book November, that will be published in September 2022. What they hold in common is especially the acknowledge of Englund’s unique way of telling – the thrilling meets the poetic and retells historical events, yet with his authentic language...

23 sep 2021

The Beauty and the Sorrow by Peter Englund – one of the best narrative non-fiction books of the 21st Century!

Peter Englund’s The Beauty and the Sorrow is among the five best narrative non-fiction titles published in the 21 st Century thus far, according to prestigious daily Svenska Dagbladet! The other four are Thomas Piketty, Joan Didion, Maggie Nelson and Svetlana Alexievitch. And more good news! Peter Englund has just delivered the manuscript...

14 sep 2020

Englund takes Swedish suspense to a new level!

Smashing reviews for Peter Englund’s true crime novel The Sunday Road. “Brilliant story telling!”…“An exquisite read”…“Englund is a superb writer”…“ Englund knows how to turn a dramaturgical grindstone"…“An inspiring and surprising book”…“A fantastic read”… are example quotes from Sweden’s big dailys.Congratulations, Peter Englund, to having conquered a new genre!

01 feb 2019

We are proud to welcome world-renowned author and historian Peter Englund to Hedlund Agency!

Stay tuned for news from his pen…a new manuscript will be ready by April, 2019!