Sunday road – History of a murder

ORIGINAL TITLE: Söndagsvägen

AUTHOR: Peter Englund


GENRE: Film rights, Non-fiction

In July 1965, a young woman was found dead in Stockholm. At first, her death was considered a suicide, but then it was discovered that she had been murdered, and that the killer had also sexually violated his victim. What followed would become the biggest and most complicated murder inquiry Sweden had ever seen. For a long time the police were baffled – initially they were not even sure how the young woman had died – and several people were arrested in connection with the crime, only to be cleared of all suspicions. Eventually a suspect was found and put on trial, on the basis of circumstantial evidence. He was acquitted, but after an appeal the case moved to a higher court, where the verdict was overturned and the accused convicted and sentenced to hospitalization.

Sunday Road  is a gripping account of this strange and complicated case, based on interviews and extensive research in both police and court archives. But it it is much more, than that because Englund tells the story in a different and highly original way. Sunday Road is in fact three books in one: a classic true crime procedural, unfolding from the perspective of the police; a tragic story of a murder foretold, narrated from the victim’s point of view; and a chilling journey into the warped mind of the killer, based on extensive personal notes and other documents of his that were discovered during the original investigation.



"An exquisite read."


"Let Peter Englund stay in the true crime genre for a few more books, in order to deepen, refine and inspire the genre."

Borås Tidning

"He describes the spirit of the times with elegance and clarity, subtly and without flaunting the solid research that must underpin it."


"Brilliant storytelling."


"An inspiring and often surprising book, laced with micro histories and a touch of lived experience."


"Englund largely succeeds with every historian’s desire to unite the particular with the general, and to bridge the gap between past and present."


"Englund takes Swedish suspense to a new level."


"Englund knows how to turn a dramaturgical grindstone."


"Englund is a superb writer with the ability to extract an exceedingly vivid story from the archives."

Nerikes Allehanda

"A fantastic read."


Rights sold


Danish Rights sold to Rosinante

Film Rights sold to Anagram

Finnish Rights sold to WSOY

German Rights sold to Rowohlt - Berlin Verlag

Norwegian Rights sold to Cappelen Damm

Spanish Rights sold to Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial