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Karin Smirnoff

Karin Smirnoff (b. 1964) lives in the small village of Hertsånger, located in Västerbotten in northern Sweden. She worked as a journalist before she decided to change direction and bought a wooden factory. After a few years Smirnoff yearned back to the practice of writing and decided to pick it up again – but this time in literary form. She applied to Lund University’s Writer’s school with what would become her debut as an author: My Brother. It received triumphant reviews and was nominated for the esteemed August Prize in 2018. The following year Smirnoff returned with My Mother and in 2020 she ended the trilogy about Jana Kippo with Then I Went Home Smirnoff brought something entirely new into the literary field with her immensely appreciated trilogy that has sold more than 500 000 copies in Sweden. 

In 2021 Karin Smirnoff was announced as the author to continue the legacy of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series.

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