Blurred Lines

ORIGINAL TITLE: Mellan Raderna

AUTHOR: Johanna Schreiber


GENRE: Fiction

Welcome to Schantz Publishing! A place that brings Call My Agent to mind, as well as The Devil Wears Prada, Emily in Paris and Bridget Jones. 

Johanna Schreiber creates a universe of conflicts, romances and power-struggles in a series of three planned books. The first one, Blurred Lines, will be published by Norstedts in April 2021. Turn the Page will follow in April 2022 and The Last Word in Spring 2023. 

Each book follows a different employee and is framed by the story of the publishing house.

Blurred Lines

Emily, the successful PR-agent who constantly handles all the big crises and small dramas that are inevitable when working with creative spirits such as authors. At the same time her personal life has changed completely, and she is trying to re-build her life as a divorced mother. It doesn’t get any easier when she meets Herman, who sweeps her of her feet and seems to love the craziness that could drive her ex-husband mad. Or does he in fact only love those sides of her? 

The Schantz-founder Otto has passed away and his two children Jack and Beatrice have very different visions of how the publishing house should be run. According to Emily, Jack’s progressive thoughts are the right ones to go by – but is he actually looking out more for himself than for the company?

Turn the Page

Clara is a senior editor and dreams of finding the manuscript that will prove her worth and once and for all shut up her self-righteous colleague of a crime editor. She is swept away by not only the greatest love story she has every read – but also by the man who wrote it, Mika. Of course, having an affair with your author is far from ideal and it becomes clear that Mika hasn’t been completely honest about his background. A fact that might make both Clara’s and the publishing house’s reputations crumble to bits and pieces. 

The Last Word

When one of the co-owners passes away, Schantz Publishing is once again shook to the core. Daniel, a sales manager, has until now managed to stay out of the heat, but will it stay that way? The question is if love conquers all or are obstacles of age differences and hierarchy too difficult to overcome?



"Glamours author-divas, boozy publishing events and family dramas that puts Dallas to shame – Johanna Schreiber includes all of this novel to devour. The perfect pleasure read."

Jenny Lind M-Magasin

“Blurred Lines is exactly what it claims to be: a both entertaining and cleaver depiction where the old meets the new, skillfully written by an author who know her environment well. “

Maria G Franke, Sydsvenskan

”Johanna Schreiber describes the reality for many of us with a constantly increasing work load, but the book is also filled with hilarious anecdotes from the publishing world.”

Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter

“It is easy to relate to so much that Emily is facing in her life” 


" The perfect read for a day in the sun!"


“The novel, that actually isn’t focusing on finding love but more finding yourself, is immersive and is mixing light and dark. There is always something deeper and feministic in Johanna Schreiber’s novels” 

Aftonbladet Söndag


”Johanna has the perfect balance of sharp, precise humour and underlying seriousness. All in all, it is pure entertainment at its absolute best!”
Anne Louise Morseth-Nordbryhn, Gyldendal
”We are all convinced that Hr. Ferdinand is the perfect fit for Johanna Schreiber, and can’t wait for everyone at the office to laugh and cry together with Emily, Clara and Daniel. What a treat!”
Line Miller, Politiken/Hr Ferdinand
”I read Blurred Lines in one sitting, and this is exactly what we were looking for. We want to publish this fantastic author in Finnish!”
Mari Koli, Kustantamo S&S

Rights sold


Danish Rights sold to Hr Ferdinand

Finnish Rights sold to Schildts & Söderströms

Norwegian Rights sold to Gyldendal