The Last Word

ORIGINAL TITLE: Ett lyckligare slut

AUTHOR: Johanna Schreiber


GENRE: Feelgood, Current Books, Fiction

Daniel Fastman is the publishing world’s most sought-after bachelor. Now he is at the peak of his career and finally ready to settle down. But a life-changing message causes him to lose his footing completely.

Karin Ekman has spent half her life repressing all she has lost: her freedom, her parents and the love of her life. When external circumstances bring back the man whom she has spent years evading, the intricate facade she has constructed begins to crack.

Even though Daniel and Karin work side by side, they have never discussed anything other than sales figures, Excel sheets and meeting schedules. But when the future of Schantz Publishing is threatened by both red numbers and greedy shareholders, they are forced to collaborate in order to secure both their own and their colleagues’ futures. Will they be able to help each other create a happy ending – for themselves as well as for Schantz Publishing?

The Last Word is the third and final part in the series about Schantz Publishing. Just like the previous installments, the concluding book addresses issues of mental health by combining love, humor and grief with unique insights into the publishing world.

Rights sold


Danish Rights sold to Hr Ferdinand

Finnish Rights sold to Schildts & Söderströms

Norwegian Rights sold to Gyldendal