The Man who chased his Shadow. David Lagercrantz

The Girl Who Takes an eye for an Eye

ORIGINAL TITLE: Mannen som jagade sin skugga



GENRE: Fiction

Lisbeth Salander serves a shorter sentence at the women’s prison Flodberga and does whatever she can to avoid any conflict between inmates. When Lisbeth protects a young woman from Bangladesh in the neighbor cell, she is immediately challenged by Benito, the informal prison leader. Holger Palmgren visits Lisbeth telling her that he has received documents shedding new light upon the authorities’ abuse of her as a child. Lisbeth asks Mikael Blomkvist to help her with some research. The traces lead them towards a certain Leo Mannheimer, partner at stockbroker Alfred Ögren’s. How is the background of a wealthy young man from financial circles connected with Lisbeth Salander’s? And how shall Lisbeth handle the escalating threats from Benito and her gang? In Mannen som sökte sin skugga, the fifth installment in the Millennium series, David Lagercrantz has twined a thrilling story about authority abuse, honour-based problems and about shadows from Lisbeth’s childhood still hunting her.