AUTHOR: Karin Alvtegen


GENRE: Fiction, Film rights

Eva and Henrik have been living together for fifteen years and have a son together. Eva suddenly realizes that her husband is seeing another woman. In anger and desperation, she decides to seek revenge. At the same time, a young man has for the past two years been watching by a hospital bed where his girlfriend lies in a coma after an accident. But his year-ning for closeness is growing excruciating. She keeps letting him down by refusing to wake up. Deceit deals with how devastating it can be to be let down and how our destructive actions create consequences far beyond our control. The destiny of Jonas and Eva is the consequence of other people’s actions and it is by chance that the roads of these two people cross…



"Highest score for Alvtegen".


"Once again Karin Alvtegen has succeeded in creating an exceptionally thrilling novel so gripping you cannot put it down."
"A strong reading experience that will most likely yield another award for the author."


"Karin Alvtegen has once again shown that combining complicated emotions like guilt, regret and deceit with an intelligent and breathtaking plot, is an art she is the master of. In fact, she is telling about an event that occurs to many people every day, but Karin Alvtegen accentuates it and thereby she gives the reader another novel packed with suspense."

Nerikes Allehanda

"Sometimes the word thriller is a misleading label, but when it comes to Betrayal by Karin Alvtegen, it is an absolutely correct term. It is the kind of book that you keep on reading while the creeping uneasy threat keeps on growing and making your hair stand on end. Everybody who has read Missing - selected as the best Nordic crime novel three years ago - knows that Karin Alvtegen is great at telling thrilling stories. /…/ These two parallel stories are woven to form a whole and they belong to the best stories I read for a long time. /…/ As I wrote in the beginning, it is a novel to read at one sitting. Not only for the suspense, but as much for Karin Alvtegen's marvelous language and a plot that's just cut out for a really thrilling screen version. You have here one of this year's best books in the genre, if not the very best."

Gefle Dagblad

"A book where the pages turn themselves."

Tidningen Vi

"The new novel Betrayal is of the highest Nordic rank /…/ The unraveling is extremely clever, with unexpected turns and hair-raising suspense till the last page. Very clever and as far from the predictable as ever possible."


Rights sold


Australian rights sold to Text

Brazilian rights sold to Record

French Film Rights sold to Thelma Films SAS