Shoot the Orange

ORIGINAL TITLE: Shoot the Orange


AUTHOR: Mikael Niemi


GENRE: Children

Unbridled, raw, frank, funny, sad and utterly brilliant! 

The protagonist is 16 years old and in high school. He divides his classmates into shits and idiots. The shits get everything handed to them and have parents that will make sure they’ll do well in life. The idiots know that the shits will win, but they have accepted it and just want to be accommodating.

Our protagonist is determined to not become a servile idiot; he’d rather lie down in a ditch full of gasoline and strike a match. He’s not going to live his life as an over-sensitive loser anymore. He goes to school in a knee-length, pea-green cleaning smock from the 60s, he smears a bugger on his cheek. He becomes more hated than ever and wins many enemies, but also friends. Like the arty girl with dyed black hair and green eyes. And Pålle, who is bullied in school and has trouble at home, too. Pålle has a secret bunker and a revolver with hollow-point bullets. They’ll hide together in the bunker if disaster strikes! But when disaster does strike, it does so in a completely different way than they expected…