Sole Witness



AUTHOR: Sole Witness, Susan Casserfelt & Lisa Bjerre


GENRE: Crime

Sole Witness opens up to a gang war, where an escalating weaponized fight is ongoing between rivaling gangs on drug territories and the power over the suburbs. 13-year-old Eddie is the younger brother of one of the gang leaders, and witnesses his brother’s girlfriend being shot to death. He is the sole witness, and is now torn between the loyalty towards his brother and the gang, and his urge to do the right thing – and end the drug war.
Police officers Lina and Jack have to balance their own complicated personal lives with the intense investigation. In the end, it’s a matter of truth and honor for everyone involved.
Sole Witness is the first installment in a series of five books, all taking place along Stockholm subway Line 17. It’s a Swedish The Wire, with high emotional intelligence. 

Lisa Bjerre is a journalist and freelancer for several magazines. Susan Casserfelt is the author of Höga Kusten, a series that has been streamed over 250 000 times. Line 17 is their first mutual project. 


”SOLE WITNESS is the first book in a series about policemen Lina Kruse and Jack Karlberg. They each have a troubled private life; Jack with great ambitions and equally great debts, Lina with a self-absorbed mother and a miserable love life. But the book is good. Realistic in its own way, and thrilling. Especially the portrait of Eddie, a kind and promising young boy who seems to not stand a chance against a city controlled by criminal gangs and tough crimes.”
Grade: 5 out of 6.

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