The Gristle Hole – Stories from Space

ORIGINAL TITLE: Svålhålet - Berättelser från rymden

AUTHOR: Mikael Niemi


GENRE: Fiction

For all who were seduced by Popular Music from Vittula, Mikael Niemi is back with a collection of jaunty, sly and entertaining stories from space, complete with Tornedalian twists!

As Mikael Niemi wrote in the cover letter for his new manuscript:

“As you can see, this is science fiction! With some kind of Tornedalian twist. What the hell is a man to do? I have always been fond of both the cosmic – which was apparent already in my poetry collections – and the technologically nerdy that often comes with it, mixed with inflated quasi-philosophy and a dogmatic notion of God. So the whole thing is pretty playful.”

The Gristle Hole – Stories from Space is a collection of quirky and astonishing stories, suffused with Mikael Niemi’s unmistakable humor and ingenuity. They are to a large extent about our contemporary times, but dressed up in a spacesuit. Indeed, Mikael Niemi cites inspiration from Ray Bradbury and Douglas Adams. These futuristic tales offer great entertainment: like having Mikael Niemi in his best storytelling mood right beside you.

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