The Hundredth Woman

ORIGINAL TITLE: Den hundrade kvinnan

AUTHOR: Simon Häggström

GENRE: Crime, Current Books

After a nighttime phone call, Natalia Volotkova finds a young woman brutally murdered in Humlegården in Stockholm. The images of her are etched into Natalia’s mind; she has never seen anything so vicious before. Could it be a ritual murder?

The human trafficking squad is brought in due to indications that the murdered woman was a sex worker. The police believe that the woman belonged to a group of Nigerian women. But they are an elusive crowd; every time the police approach the women they disappear. Since Markus Lundström is in London, Natalia is assigned to lead the investigation. She becomes obsessed with the case and crosses every line imaginable to obtain the information she needs. All the while, the traffickers are watching her.



“This is a heinous reality that has been been transformed into affecting suspense literature. It keeps you on pins and needles.”